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Varicose vein treatment - Varicose veins echo-guided microfoam sclerotherapy

Treatment Description

We use the Tesari’s technique to obtain a high quality Polidocanol microfoam which injected into the selected vein, induces an inflamation with posterior fibrosis of the vein.

This method leaves untouched the normal veins, helping the circulatory system to work properly after the treatment is finished.

Procedure Description

In the first consultation the doctor will make an estimate of the kind of treatment you need, based on the physical examination and the echo-doppler scan of both legs.

The sessions are done under aseptic conditions. The number of punctures and needle type depends on the kind of varicose veins that are treated. After the session we apply a compression stocking that the patient must wear for many days according to the kind of treatment done.

After each session the patient can reassume normal life, except for the practice of intense exercise. Direct sun exposure also must be avoided for stetic reasons.

The number of sessions required vary depending on the severity of the disease. For spider veins a minimum of 2 sessions is usual with a final follow up consultation. For major and dilated veins the treatment usually includes 6 to 8 sessions in a period of 8 to 12 months.